Olivia Persson

Makramik - my recovery, passion and safe space.

My name is Olivia Persson. I am a ceramic- and macramé artist based in Stockholm Sweden. I have always been creating, in any material you can think of. It might have given my parents and grand parents grey hair from time to time. And loads of creations. Perhaps a little against their will..


The grand question "what can I make out of this?" is and has for as long as I can remember, been on my mind. For better or worse. Nowdays my grand materials are clay, rope and fabric..


Ropes and knots got my attention during spring 2019 and in May same year I finished my first piece. Ever since, I have been amazed by how much different things you can create just by knotting rope. Everything I know about knots and rope is self-taught. It has been a process of learning by doing. Unloosing knots has become my specialty.


In August 2021 I started my two year ceramic education in Grebbestad, Sweden. I shared the workshop with 15 other becoming potters. Can you imagine? Doing your passion around the clock for two years. I definitely consider myself lucky. However I finished my studies in May 2023 and moved to Stockholm and finally this fall I will have my own workspace again. Can´t wait!

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